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Last spring I was offered a position as project manager of the cleaning of one of the 74 temporary hospitals that were being created (in hotels, convention centers, military hangars, stadiums, etc). A few guys had been deployed to the first of these centers to receive patients, and I was on call to go. My bags were packed. It looked like I’d be going to Texas.

I was determined not to get sick. Even though I wouldn’t be in the “hospitals,” I’d be in a trailer office in the parking lot, and I’d be seeing each of the cleaning employees before and after their shifts. I wanted to help them avoid infection as well. So I looked into everything I could find, which was a lot, as I am connected to the world of functional, integrative, holistic, alternative, and herbal medicine.

I had an apothecary in my bag, and a few “secret weapons.”

In this performance I’ll open my bag and show you what I had found to prevent infection and some interventions I was planning to use should I feel the onset of symptoms.

This session is for entertainment only. I am not a doctor, nor can I advise what you should do to prevent infection or what to do at the onset of symptoms. See my disclaimer below.

See What's In My Bag

a one hour look

at how I prepared



this performance will not be recorded

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