Research shows that six months is the most effective length of a coaching collaboration to revise lifestyle and establish new habits, so I recommend a six-month program. 


Whether you want to follow your doctor’s prescribed lifestyle changes to reverse a chronic illness, or you just want to prevent chronic illness, establishing healthy habits is essential.


Working together, we will help you identify goals, build an action plan around them and create a way to hold yourself accountable.

If you are committed, success is inevitable. And I'll help you to commit.

We work either face to face, on internet video conference, or by phone; whatever we agree to.


All newcomers get a Free 20 Minute discovery session (is coaching right for you? are you ready? are we a good match?)


6 Month Program Includes:

  • 75 minute Initial session (takes the place of your first monthly session)

  • Welcome Kit

  • Two 50-Minute Health Coaching Sessions Per Month

  • Notes & Action Steps emailed to you after each session

  • On-going Coaching and Access to Tom via e-mail & text

  • Health Coaching Materials, including recommended reading and tips.


6 Month Program Pricing:

  • $150/mo for 6 months if paid monthly ($900 total)

  • $810 if paid in full upon sign-up (10% discount)


3 Month Program includes: 

  • The same as the 6 month, but for those who have:

    • A somewhat clear idea of their goal(s)

    • A high level of readiness for change (>6 on 1-10)

    • A high degree of resolve and commitment (>6 on 1-10


3 Month Program Pricing:

  •    $155/mo for 3 months if paid monthly ($465 total)

  •   $420 if paid in full upon sign-up (~10% discount) 



Individual Sessions:

  • $85/session (50 min)





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Tom Reed

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Boulder, Colorado


Tel: (720) 204-8738

Tom Reed is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a Somatic Coach, and a Hypnotherapist. He is not a medical doctor, nutritionist, dietician, and/or a psychotherapist or psychologist, and his writing should not be taken as medical or dietary advice. He recommends that people with health concerns seek medical help from a Functional Medicine practitioner (go to: ), and then work with Tom Reed to implement the doctor’s prescribed diet and lifestyle changes in such a way to align with the patient values and vision.

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