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Times are Changing

Modern people are realizing four things:

1) Chronic illness is the result of a long history of events and habits that set the stage for a condition that is manifested as certain symptoms.

2) Making the symptoms go away does not address the imbalances that caused the condition to arise.

3) By addressing the imbalances, chronic illness can be reversed.

4) If imbalances are addressed before symptoms arise, chronic illness can be prevented.


Peak Wellness is multi-faceted. The contributing factors are intertwined. Ignoring one aspect could prevent success, despite great achievements in other aspects.

For this reason more and more people are turning to Health Coaches to help them learn about and navigate the complexities of establishing a healthy lifestyle. Maybe their doctor told them they need to make some lifestyle changes. Maybe they just know they need to adjust their lifestyle to prevent the chronic illnesses they see inflicting friends as they age.

Choosing a Health Coach

What do you want in a health coach? Surely someone who will exude empathy and respect for you; someone who is nonjudgemental and knowledgable. But most people also want someone who knows what it’s like to be their age; someone has experience in the process of aging; someone with wisdom.

Let's Go!


A health coach can ensure you reach your goals.

It can be very difficult to fight your engrained habits and make changes alone.

Whether you have a goal you want to reach, or need to create some goals, working with a well-trained coach can ensure success.

Whether you want to follow a doctor’s prescribed lifestyle changes to reverse a chronic illness, or you just want to prevent chronic illness, establishing healthy habits is essential.


Working together, we will help you identify goals, build an action plan around them and create a way to hold yourself accountable.

If you are committed, success is inevitable.

Call me at (707) 497-4670


“In recent years, a new and intriguing concept has emerged in the prevention and treatment of chronic illness: the health coach.”    —CBS News

“A 25-year-old isn’t going to convince a 50-year-old to be his client. It’s hard when you don’t have enough life under your belt and you don’t know what it’s like to be 40.”  


Heath Coaches are Behavior change experts

  • They empower their clients to discover their own wisdom and strength

  • They offer support without judgement.

  • They help their clients create their own solutions to their health problems

  • They hold them accountable to their goals.

                                       —Dr. Chris Kresser

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