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About Tom

For five decades,Tom Reed has been passionate about health and fitness, beginning in his teens as a world-champion oarsman. He went on to immerse himself in wilderness adventures and martial arts training, living and working in many places. He has worked in logging camps and in corporate offices, on fishing boats and on construction sites, in doctors’ offices and in gyms. His wide range of experience allows him to relate to people from all walks of life. 

Trained and certified as a Hypnotherapist and Somatic Therapist, Tom’s deep understanding of the subconscious mind and mind/body integration add skills that are valuable in helping people to make lasting changes.


All this, combined with his desire to serve people, makes him an exceptional Health Coach and Personal Trainer.


Let Tom guide you to your peak wellness.

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Though I enjoy working with all people no matter the issue, due to my own unique education and experience, there are a few areas in which I specialize:

Microbiome Balance

    About 25 years ago I experienced a yeast overgrowth in my digestive system. After researched and experimentation, I discovered how to lower the yeast population and boost the populations of beneficial bacteria (I was supplementing with soil-based organisms before most doctors recognized any benefit from yogurt—the only fermented food commonly available at the time). Over the last two decades I have come to understand the microbiome better and better, through my own experience (once you have a yeast imbalance you are susceptible to repeats should your diet falter) and through the vast amount of information that has been revealed in the last few years as research on the subject has exploded. I can guide you to a healthy gut with a diverse microbiome that will contribute to your overall health.




Cognitive Health

     As I and my friends aged and began having those “senior moments”, I became fascinated with cognitive health, and so I attended a three-day seminar (with the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine) in Florida on the subject, learning valuable information from the leading doctors in the field. I made some important connections, and continued attending such events online. With the knowledge I have gained, I can guide you to an increase in cognitive health.




Overcoming Mental Blocks


“Mental Blocks” are usually due to a subconscious program that prevents you from acting on an intention. They are best addressed through hypnotherapy, but I have also helped people using the process of “tapping”, and by uncovering the “block” in relaxed conversation, then using positive affirmations to over-ride it. As in all aspects of coaching, using your character strengths are key can be key in this process. I can guide you past your blocks.




Stress Reduction

    My background:

I learned meditation from a psychologist, martial artist and pioneer of somatic therapy in 1987, and have taught meditational movement at 10-day meditation retreats offered by prominent buddhist teacher, Jack Kornfield. I also taught stress reduction to county sheriff’s departments in California. As an Aikido teacher, I began traditional breathing practices in 1991. 


    I am a certified hypnotherapist. My style of hypnotherapy is based on accessing the subconscious mind through attaining a state of deep relaxation. Often, I have lead people to the deepest level of relaxation they have ever experienced. I can help anyone to find a deeper level of relaxation in just a few minutes. Recent discoveries about the importance of the vagus nerve for relaxation confirm that the breathing practices I can teach you have a profound effect on your level of relaxation.


    My education in somatic therapy and decades of deep attention to the body while in meditation has allowed me to create simple directions for the physical and energetic foundations that are optimal for meditation. Relaxation is as key to meditation as it is to trance (they are both marked by a slowing of brain waves). 

    I can guide you to develop your own profound meditation practice, free of religion and cultural baggage.




    Aging Athletes

    Forty-six years ago I was on crew that won the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup in Henley, England—considered to be the world championship of high school rowing. Since then I spent decades pursuing martial arts, surfing and outdoor adventures. In recent years I have returned to rowing, but indoor rowing; on the Concept 2 ergometer, competing online with the international community of aging oarsmen. In 2020 I competed in my first live event in a gym, winning the Denver Indoor Rowing Championship. In both 2021 and 2022 I took gold in both the 200m and 5,000m races at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

    I’ve had my share of injuries that I had to learn how to heal, and have learned how to eat and rest, and have acquired a few “secret weapons” (nutritional supplements) to boost performance.

Of course, to be an aging athlete you first need to attain a reasonably high level of wellness. After that, there are some strategies to take you beyond wellness to peak performance. I can guide you as a coach and train you with customized workouts.

Education and Certifications

Rutgers University, Cook College, New Brunswick, NJ.   BA Biological/Physical Geography, 1978

The Lomi School of Somatic Studies, Petaluma, CA.   Lomi Associate (Bodywork & Somatic Therapy) 1987

United States Aikido Federation, Western Region.   Third-degree Black Belt, Certified Teacher, 1998

Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque, NM.   Certified Clinical Medical Support Hypnotherapist, 2010

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Chicago, IL.   Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, 2019

American Council on Exercise, San Diego, CA. Certified Personal Trainer, 2022

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