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I keep abreast of cutting-edge products and information,

and bring the best to you.


  • You have a 20% discount on all products from Quicksilver Scientific, a world leader in liposomal nutrient delivery. One purchase can cover your membership fee.

  • You have a 50% discount on all relaxation audio files, and each of my bachelor cooking videos as I make them.

  • You have Access to my webpages on each aspect of wellness. These provide in-depth cutting-edge information and are updated as new information becomes available.

  • You have Access to brief articles on specific topics that I write based on new research.

Join Peak Wellness

  • annual membership

    20% off Quicksilver Products, 50% off audio/video, articles
    • 20% discount on Quicksilver Scientific products
    • 50% discount on relaxation audio files and cooking videos
    • Access to my articles on physical, mental & spiritual health
    • weekly email tip
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