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Eight Aspects of Wellness


I provide a 50-minute talk about my eight aspects of wellness:

Food Choices, Detoxification, Exercise, Sleep, Attitude, Hydration, Stress Reduction and Microbiome. 

This talk can be in a corporate auditorium or in a living room, a doctor's office or a gym, or a retreat center. I come to your location.

8 aspects presentation: 50 min, $120

Call to make arrangements: 707-497-4670

Health Information

  • I Provide one-hour lectures on each of the eight Peak-Wellness aspects of health.

  • This works well as a weekly scheduled event for 9 weeks (“food choices” requires two lectures)

9 hour-long lectures: $850

Call to make arrangements: 707-497-4670


All of the subjects below work best as an ongoing practicewith regular sessions to keep the stress reduction and de-escalation skills current and to keep on track with health and fitness goals. Fees will be negotiated depending on session length, frequency and location.


Stress Reduction

Participants will:

  • Develop somatic awareness to assist in conscious relaxation

  • Practice the above in stressful situations

  • Develop proper framing of stressful situations to reduce personal impact

  • Breathing and meditation

  • Exercise and fun

  • Optional Hypnotherapy


De-escalation of conflict

Participants will:

  • Learn to use centering, relaxation and grounding to lower energy.

  • Learn to listen well use calm voice that is neutral, polite and understanding

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