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Anti-aging formula, from the energetic point of view, might progressively attune the body to more energetic coherence on the physical, emotional and mental levels through the resetting of regulatory points, increasing one’s energy level, and potentiating the body’s self-recovery process via:

supporting equilibrium within the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid axisby using the energetic blueprint of the following herbs: astragalus, Korean ginseng, reishi, kava, as well as ETI’s Total Adaptogen, Longevity, Perfect Vitality, and Stress Relief formula

maintaining the body’s functional reserve via ETI’s Perfect Vitality and Kidney Support formulas

improving the immune system profile and status via ETI’s Chronic immune and Thymus formulas

supporting optimal production of the Nrf2 factor and thus improving the transcription of several antioxidant genes and major detoxifying enzymes**

enhancing the mitochondria biogenesis via ETI’s Mitochondria support formula

possibly improving the interaction between our gene matrix and environmentally derived signals and thus supporting our genotype on the level of the individual’s needs via the ETI’s Cells Longevity and Longevity formulas

supporting efficient cell cycle control via Formula AC, Cells Longevity, and the energy pattern of the Photocel.

supporting the balancing expression of telomerase, therefore diminishing its erosion associated with aging and reducing the probability of cancer incidences through overexpression of telomerase via ETI’s Telomerase formula;

Members Anti-Aging Drops

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